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Cluster Metering Cabinet

G3 all-in-one smart metering system highly concentrates different kinds of devices, it contains 12 cluster meters and 1 data collector. Plug-and-play meter insert to the base in the cabinet, it can realize rapid meter installation and un-installation to reduce the maintenance cost. Centralized data collection and handling realize cost effective in communication fee.

Main Features

● Cabinet is made of powder coated galvanized steel. It is qualified in 30 days salt spray test for simulating 10 years working on field.

● IP54 outdoor

● Free of redundant wiring and compact design provide easy installation

● Configured different types of cable gland. M63 (diameter=Φ45) and M25 (diameter=Φ18) as default.

● Hanger bracket or hoop bracket optional to adapt different environment

● Door open detection during power down at least 8 hours

● Wi-SUN or 3G/4G to master station

● Bluetooth wireless cascade connection