In the traditional billing system process, files were used to maintain the database which was done manually. There are many challenges facing the utilities regarding the billing process. like, data manipulation, managing customer information, costly billing process, several system installations (integration).  the aim of developing a billing system is to computerize the work performed in electricity.

System Overview

Dealing and managing utility customer information can be complicated and time-consuming, utilities need easy access to complete data to respond to customer questions and issues. Hexing billing system provides customer information management (CIS). Also, this system support grid management function, archive management which record all related information of customers, and of course Generating bills according to the customer consumption; maintain historical information regarding services, accounts, and customers; track and verify consumption to facilitate billing process; and more from one comprehensive application.

Key benefits

·    Process all metered and non-metered billing functions quickly, easily and accurately.

·    Support more than one million residential and industrial customers.

·    Evaluating the customer's requirement and finalizing the contract.

·    Also handling contract management such as cancellation, termination, and customization.

·    Evaluating and finalizing results in order to issuing the bill.

·    Integration through the CIM standard with other 3rd party system such as AMI…. etc.

Project value

  • 快速、簡便、準確地處理所有計量和非計量賬單的功能。

  • 客戶信息管理係統支持新客戶注冊流程和客戶信息獲取。

  • 評估客戶需求並完成合同。

  • 支持合同管理,比如合同取消、合同終止和定製化模板,以及客戶數據信息修改。

  • 支持集成基於CIM總線平台的AMI/Vending/CIS等係統。

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